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We are founded on the principles of a family business environment where the standard is to care, listen, respect, and trust one another.
We live these essential values each and every day through our interactions with employees, contract partners, and clients. This is the foundation of W Services Group.
Our commitment
to our clients
is simple…

Provide and execute quality services with supervised active management, while maintaining a client-centric business model.

W Services Group represents a team of subject matter experts in cleaning, construction, and emergency response services. Our quality focused employees and contract partners successfully develop, implement, and manage projects and programs for multi-site groups across North America. We have earned a reputation of being a high value provider and are best known for truly partnering with our clients in a highly collaborative environment. This level of partnership yields real solutions and best supports our clients’ brand image.

Our structure is designed around our clients and is focused on being highly collaborative through market teams across all departments. Our personnel are empowered to make decisions and resolve issues in order to achieve a high level of client satisfaction in a rapidly changing environment.

Partner with W Services to experience the difference and the new standard of clean.

Our Approach

Successful programs are created when there is open dialogue, full understanding, and a transparent sharing of metrics and objectives. Once achieved, programs can be created that genuinely exceed expectations and create an enhanced client experience.

Combining the knowledge of multiple building surfaces and proven program options with the experience of hands-on cleaning and construction project management, we offer a deep understanding of commercial traffic, environmental conditions, and how various surfaces and processes will react in these environments. Given this depth of experience we can design the best program for your buildings.

A Client-Centric Focus

Our goal is to continue creating raving fans through our focused approach.

Our Leadership

Contributing hundreds of years in combined experience

Matthew Whelan
President & CEO

Faye Celmer
Corporate Affairs Officer

Robert Donley
Chief Operating Officer

Michael Russo
Chief Operating Officer

Deborah Kleopfer
Sr. Vice President
Branding & Education

Ryan Beck
Vice President Business Development

Robin Baskin Ladner
Vice President Strategic Partnership

Matthew Collins
Vice President Field Operations

Yvette Berlanga
Vice President Human Resources

Anne Reynolds
Sr. Director Client Experience

Katherine Warren
Sr. Director Cleaning Services

Paul Cashin
Sr. Director Field Operations

Sr. Director Field Operations

Debra Gross

Kapil Chawla
Financial Analyst

Erica Andersen
Director Marketing

Heather Caluri
Director Legal & Compliance

Jasmine Cates
Director Construction Services

Director Campus Services & Purchasing

Tiffany De Loney
Director Emergency Services

Fabio Perez
Director Field Support

Donna Regan
Director Client Experience

Director NYC Field Ops & Technician Experience

Jamie Sheridan
Director Contractor Relations

A History of Family
& Service

W Services Group may have been founded in 2009, but our journey started with a rich family history that began back in the early 1970’s.

The History of Whelan
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