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Construction Services

Our Project management team is comprised of and backed by real people who deeply understand your spaces and the importance of brand image. Through our experience we also know that even the smallest of repairs can have a great impact on your personnel and operations, so we ensure that the experience you have with W Services Group is second to none in the industry.
We have trade expertise across multiple areas from:
  • Building Board-Up
  • Complex Remodels
  • Electrical
  • Flooring
  • Painting
  • Plumbing
  • Refresh Projects
  • Trip Hazard Repair
We are experts in ‘open location’ projects that provide the least invasive impact to your employees and operations. In addition to providing the repair and installation work, our specialized cleaning teams ensure that your premises are clean and safe for employees and customers upon opening each day.

Our Value

Experts in Rollouts and Multi-Site Projects

Whether it’s a special project rollout of restroom remodels, floor replacements or safety upgrades, our Rollout Teams and technology-based management tools allow us to effectively manage multiple projects in multiple cities with defined project timelines while providing you consistent quality results.

Strong Supplier Partnerships

W Services Group has built an extensive contractor partner base of thoroughly vetted trade technicians. We have a team dedicated to managing those relationships and assuring ongoing confidence through our company wide compliance program. Our strong supplier partnerships allow us to leverage pricing through benchmarking across thousands of service partners.

Proactive Communication

With W Service Group you will experience best in class communication on every project. With this multi-faceted communication process, you will always be in the loop in order to make the real time decisions that lead to the best outcomes. Our communication approach is flexible and customizable to a process that works best for you.

Driving Cost Efficiency

We drive cost efficiency through business intelligence and metrics acquired over thousands of projects. All bids are qualified with multiple quotes from our extensive contractor network as well as further vetted through analysis by the W Services in-house trade expert team.

Quality Verification

We understand the high visibility of repair and replacement projects so we have an internal as well as an external verification process that will surpass your expectations for complete and on time project completions. On-site verification through survey by our team of field-based operations managers provides you with the assurance of a job well done and a complete quality experience.

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